Who We Are

Our Mission

We help you to raise your engineering level, learn and adopt new technics for modelling, analyses and design.

We support you in all design phases starting from preliminary to final design.

Our unique service is to not only sell our expertise but to boost your design workflows.

Your happiness is our success.

Bridges are often landmarks and nothing can makes us more proud than to optimize the structure, its look and usability as well as its life time.

Where we make the difference

We are convinced that we use the best tools available that together with our practical design experience creates a powerful combination.

By closely cooperating with you as part of your project team we take care that you can smoothen your workflow and improve the design quality.

No project is too simple or too demanding.

We always can optimize either the design or your workflows or both.

You save time and money and modernize your workflows.

Where are we coming from

Atte is a specialist civil and structural engineer with 20+ -years of experience in bridge design. He got his master degree 1998 from Helsinki University of Technology and key areas of expertise are cable-stayed bridges and post-tensioned bridges.

Prior to SOFiN consulting, Atte has worked for WSP in Finland (2006-2018) and for Sito Oy (1996-2005). Cooperation with SOFiSTiK began 2012 and deepened over the time through challenging international projects, eventually leading to the start of this joint business. 

SOFiN Consulting Ltd




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Board of Directors

MSc – Frank Deinzer (chair)

MSc – Atte Mikkonen (MD)

MEng – Georg Pircher